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    15 Feet Below Necklace

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    A total island-style necklace! Pukas and Cone shells are a cornerstone in most jewelry made on the islands. The name " 15 Feet Below" comes from the average depth of water where I source most of my shells. It's a rare find for beautiful shells to just wash up on the shores so you must suit up, swim out and dive below the water's surface.
    • 14k gold-filled Rolo chain.
    •  Hand-picked Hawaiian Cone shell and pukas.
    • If a size, color, length, or any other specification you desire is not shown in options then please fill out a CUSTOM ORDER form as the cost may vary from the listed price.

    * All Semi-Precious stones, pearls, and shells are one of a kind and will arrive with their own uniqueness and not exactly as the ones photographed.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted especially for you! Most orders ship out in 3-7 business days but in some cases can take *up to* 14 business days. If you need an item rushed ordered please E-mail me at