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    'Opihi Hair Pins

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    Pronounced " oh-pee-he"

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with these cuties, they are algae-grazing limpets that cling to the rocks of Hawaii's coastlines. Many people pluck them off the rocks, cook um up, and eat them for a savory treat leaving behind its shell. 

    Our Opihi pins are made with the highest quality bun twists on the market, designed to keep that top knot secure and eliminate headaches and pulling that traditional elastic hair ties can cause! 'Opihi pins work great for all hair types, thick to thin and straight to curly. Simply twist the puka through your hair to ensure a bun that never loosens, no matter how much fun you're having in the sun! 

    Pins are now sold in sets of 2 and 3! 

    How to use hair Pins:
    1. Gather hair and twist it into a top knot. 
    2. Hold your bun in place with one hand and use the other to twist the pin into the base of your bun. Try placing Puka Hair Pin where your head and bun meet.
    3. For extra security or thick/longer hair use an additional twist. 

    Different ways to wear your pins:
    1. Full bun.
    2. Hair half up and half down.
    3. French twist.
    4. Twist into braids. 

    Each hairpin is handmade!
    All shells are ethically sourced from HI.
    Pins are one of a kind so grab your favorite while supplies last! 

    Ready to ship!