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    4 Shores Necklace.

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     To find the perfect pukas for this design was not an easy task. 4 Shores Necklace was named after the number of shorelines it took to create this piece. Chunky white Pukas on Maui are by no means an easy find! Most pieces that are designed using pukas involves multiple locations and MANY hours of searching! To highlight these stunning pukas we used a detailed 14k gold-filled beaded chain and components. 

    • White Puka shells from Maui, HI.
    • 14k gold-filled beaded chain. 
    • If a size, color, length, or any other specification you desire is not shown in options then please fill out a CUSTOM ORDER form as the cost may vary from the listed price.

    * All Semi-Precious stones, pearls, and shells are one of a kind and will arrive with their own uniqueness and not exactly as the ones photographed.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted especially for you! Most orders ship out in 3-7 business days but in some cases can take *up to* 14 business days. If you need an item rushed ordered please E-mail me at