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    Just Cruising Bangle

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    Just cruising by a cone shell? Well be careful, Hebrew Cone snails are predatory animals, stinging their victims with a venomous harpoon-like tooth. Though cone snails primarily use their tooth to subdue prey, it can also be used defensively, stinging other animals, or humans, that get too close. Though all cone snails have venom glands, only a few species are dangerous enough to be fatal to humans.
    Always wear your shells with love and respect as it was once a living creature's home and is truly an ocean treasure. 
    • 14k gold-filled or Sterling Sliver in 12 gauge wire.
    • Hebrew Cone shell.
    • Tahitian pearl.

     All Semi-Precious stones, pearls, and shells are one of a kind and will arrive with their own uniqueness and not exactly as the ones photographed.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted, especially for you! Most orders ship out in 6-8 business days but in some cases can take *up to* 14 business days. If you need an item rushed ordered please E-mail me at