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    SEAsters Stretch Bracelet

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    Created by the sea and inspired by 3 friends who have adopted each other as sisters. Each green Hematite bead represents a SEAster. A true lifelong friend is worth their weight in gold and in this case we are talking water safe 14k gold-filled! Cheers to celebrating decades of love, laughs, and memories together. 

    SEAsters Bracelet is great for gift-giving as it is made with a clear elastic stretch cord. The stretch feature eliminates the stress of figuring out the exact measurement of your loved one's wrist! 


    The three incredibly beautiful beads featured in this piece are made of Hematite stones. Hematite is brimming with healing properties. It’s like throwing a protective cloak over your shoulder, grabbing your shield and sword, and stepping out the door. It's said that this stone brings a deep heartfelt confidence thanks to its ability to stop toxic emotions in its tracks. Hematite is connected to the root chakra, which is the foundation of our stability in this world, and it keeps us clear-minded.

    • Crafted with water-safe 14K gold-filled beads.
    • 3 Hematite beads as a focal point.
    • Crafted with a "Magic stretch" cord. 
    • Handmade with love.
    • Bracelets are sold separately. 

     * PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted especially for you! Most orders ship out in 6-8 business days but in some cases can take up to 14 business days. If you need an item rushed ordered please E-mail me at and I will do my best to accommodate your request.