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    Jeweler's Saw Blade Organizer by KERF: Review

    Jeweler's Saw Blade Organizer by KERF: Review

    I loved this little product so much that I had to share it! The most impressive feature on the KERF Saw Blade Container is that it has the a chart engraved right on the container that tells you what number blade to use for what gauge of metal you will need to saw through. No more pulling out that old piece of paper to reference before you load your saw blade on, woo!

    Another amazing feature is that is takes up such a small footprint on your workbench unlike the traditional saw blade organizers that look like lazy susans, you know, the ones that are made of wood.

    A feature that I didn't think I would even care about but has come in handy is the pee-a-boo windows the KERF organizer has, this allows you to see if you have any saw blades left in the slot and gives you an estimate of how many blase you have left. 
    You can order one from Rio Grande, PEPE tools USA or Amazon. The price is about $35 as of 3/21/23. 

    Here are the specifications provided by the manufacture:

    The Kerf Saw Blade Container will hold all your jeweler’s saw blades, it has 16 compartments that are labeled with the size of the blades, from 8/0 all the way to #8

    Available with only the Organizer or a complete set with 156 saw blades
    The opening on the side of the container is to allow the user to see if there are any jewelry saw blades inside the compartment.

    The first set number is the blade size, the second is the thickness in millimetres, third is the suggested gauge you should use with that blade size, and last is the drill size (DS) to be used if needed.

    The last compartment is to close the container and have all the blades safe and secure.