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    Fully Adjustable Puka Necklace

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    The versatility of this necklace is wild! It's the perfect laying piece that can instantly go from a choker to a long layered 23" necklace. To adjust the length you simply pull the end of the chain through the silicon bead and stop at your desired length. It's pretty much magic and I think every necklace should have one! 

    You are also able to slide the mini puka charm off and wear the box chain solo or add your own charms to the mix! 

    When worn as a choker you get a sexy look in the back by having the chain fall right down the center of your spine for an edgy yet elegant look. 

    - Made with 14K gold-filled metal.

    - Fully adjustable ranging from 0-23" in length 

    - One of a kind!